The Annual Fund - Where We Are & Why It Matters

Back in August, we set our 2015-16 Annual Fund goal at $100,000.  Thanks to parents, grandparents, staff, alumni families, and friends of the school our Annual Fund total stands at just over $105,000. We rejoice in God’s generous provision.  Annual Fund success matters because people, quality, and truth matter. 

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Science Olympiad Team Soars At Regionals

Congratulations to our Science Olympiad Team (coahed by Angie Pleasant) for an outstanding performance at the 2016 Regional Science Olympiad Tournament.  Our team competed against 25 Varsity Teams and 15 JV Teams from New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus counties.  The Varsity Team won 5th Place overall in the region which qualifies them to move on to the State Science Olympiad Tournament at NC State in Raleigh on April 22nd and 23rd.  Join us in congratulating the following medal winners from this year's Regional Tournament:

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Morning Tune Up

Each school day at MGCS begins with morning devotions for staff.  Why add anything to an already busy morning?  Because we can’t give to our students something we don’t authentically possess ourselves.  These morning meetings insure that our minds are continually being filled with and shaped by Biblical truth.  In Luke 6:40 Jesus says, “Everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”  In morning devotions we work to make sure we are worthy of imitation.

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MGCS...A Place To Bloom

We love watching students bloom at MGCS.  The students who arrive in August are very different than the ones who leave in June.  The timid preschooler who walks in clinging to a parent’s hand, strides out confidently  after 8th grade ready for high school. 

It is our pleasure and honor to witness these transformations and to play a role in the lives of our students.  Emma Walsh joined MGCS in 2010.  She had recently moved with her family from California, and then endured a difficult semester at another school.

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Babies, Graduations, Marathons, and More

"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps." Proverbs 16:9 
While being mindful (and thankful!) that the Lord determines our steps, here are some plans we've made for 2016.

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Only At MGCS

Every school has its own personality.  At MGCS, we are a small, tight-knit community.  We share joys and shoulder burdens together.  Here are six experiences that only happen at MGCS and make our school unique.  If you attend MGCS you probably…

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Welcome Mrs. Smith!

She is a Texas native, a grandmother of 2 MGCS students, and a former elementary school principal with 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools.  We are delighted to welcome Barbara Smith to MGCS as our new 4 year old Preschool teacher.  Here, she answers 3 questions:

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Why MGCS? The Kitts Family

Our dear family friends, the Treppels (daughters Arianna, Lilli and Gloria) recommended Myrtle Grove Christian School to us.  In the fall of 2007, we enrolled Collin in the 3 year old preschool class.  Our second son, Parker, followed in the fall of 2010. We knew from that year forward that this was the place that we wanted our children to be.

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Our Olympian

You may know or remember Bill Jackson as a great teacher but did you know he is also an Olympian?  Bill competes at the State Senior Games each year and has been qualifying for the National Senior Olympics since the 90s.

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Grayson's Story

6th grader, Grayson Morris, joined MGCS in 4th grade.  Here, she and her Mom share their journey to MGCS and some of Grayson’s favorite things about her school. 

What brought you to MGCS?

Sara says:

Grayson spent Kindergarten through 3rd grade at another school in town. I had growing concerns as the years progressed, so when she was the victim of major social drama in 3rd grade, I knew we needed a change of environment.

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