On September 28th -October 5th  Dr. Mroczek, Mr. Burnett, and Mr. Pleasant will be riding across NC in the 450 mile “Mountains to Coast” ride.  This 7 day journey begins in Blowing Rock NC and ends in Atlantic Beach.

They are riding to

  • Raise awareness of MGCS and our Outdoor Learning Village (OLV) project
  • Model life-long fitness for our students
  • Raise funds for the projected OLV groundbreaking this fall

Jeremy Burnett, MGCS Director of Operations offers a 4th reason for the ride.  “I’ve driven the highways between Blowing Rock and Atlantic Beach many times. This ride is a chance and a challenge to slow down and look more carefully; study more deeply the things that I’ve passed by at 70 miles per hour.  A slower pace will allow us to see the geography, history and eco-diversity of our state from a new perspective.  These are all things we are working to do at MGCS.  Outdoor and experiential learning encourages students to slow down and study the natural world more deeply.  It takes them out of the classroom and gives them a new way of looking at the world and applying classroom concepts to what they see. “

All three riders are training now to prepare and are excited to improve their personal fitness.  They will camp along the way and share their adventure with the MGCS community through video updates and social media posts. Dr. Mroczek, Mr. Pleasant and Mr. Burnett are eager to share their experiences with students. “We expect to encounter some problems and we will share those too.  We want to demonstrate how to set and achieve goals as well as how to creatively solve a problem and meet challenges.” 

How will our students be involved?

During this week-long adventure, teachers may integrate and apply information from the ride into classroom activities and lessons.  MGCS students will

  • Track progress and weather conditions
  • Calculate mileage, elevation changes etc. 
  • Focus on the history and geography of the towns, cities, and historic sites the riders will pass through

How can you be involved?

As Dr. Mroczek, Mr. Burnett, and Mr. Pleasant, invest their time, energy and finances, you can support their efforts and help raise money for the OLV.  Our 3 riders are traveling 450 miles each for a total of 1,350 miles.

Their goal is to raise $25,000.  Would you consider a per mile pledge or gift in any amount? 
Pledge forms are available here.

Pledges may be made now through September 25th and are due by October 9th.