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Tuition Assistance

The 2019-20 Annual Fund Campaign…Why does it matter?

Because people matter The Annual Fund supports tuition assistance for families who otherwise might not be able to afford an MGCS education.  Tuition assistance can bring new families to MGCS or keep current families as part of our school community.  Because quality matters Since tuition does not fully cover the cost of an MGCS education, Annual Fund money enhances curriculum, expands programs, and supports on going school improvement initiatives.   As Christ-followers, we seek to do all things as unto the Lord.  We pursue excellence for His glory and for our student’s good. Annual Fund money aids this pursuit.  Because truth matters We believe that the Bible describes the world as it really is. Answers to our biggest questions are found in God’s word. This is the worldview we work to instill in our students. The student with a Biblical worldview has a system of thought that is unified, logically consistent, and relevant to every area of life. Annual Fund money helps establish a p ...

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Why Do We Need An Annual Fund?

Last month at Spring Fling, Scott Powell shared his enthusiasm for our school and for the Annual Fund campaign.  Here is how his family came to attend MGCS and why they support the Annual Fund…

We moved to Wilmington nearly 3 years ago with our children Emily (9) and Jacob (6).   After checking out multiple schools, our realtor and fellow MGCS dad , Chris Spivey suggested we check out Myrtle Grove Christian School.  We toured the school and fell in love with it.   We’ve had a great experience here and can’t imagine sending our kids anywhere else. Once enrolled, I began to notice the Annual Fund “asks”.  Walking into the buildings, I saw a large thermometer recording gifts, I received mailings asking for support and, I attended the Spring Fling fundraiser.  I knew I was already paying tuition every month so I wanted to understand why we needed an Annual Fund.

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The Annual Fund - Where We Are & Why It Matters

Back in August, we set our 2015-16 Annual Fund goal at $100,000.  Thanks to parents, grandparents, staff, alumni families, and friends of the school our Annual Fund total stands at just over $105,000. We rejoice in God’s generous provision.  Annual Fund success matters because people, quality, and truth matter. 

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The Annual Fund: Where We Are and Why It Matters

Back in August, we announced our 2013-14 Annual Fund goal: $100,000 to be used for Tuition Assistance and Student Support Programs.  The Bible assures us in Proverbs 16:9 that although we make many plans, the Lord determines our steps.  Only eight months into our campaign - after a very successful SPRING FLING & FUNd RUN - we discovered that although we asked, hoped, and planned for $100,000, the Lord used over 500 donors to bring our total to just over $111,000.  It is easy for me to focus on goals, amounts, and program details but these are only a means to an end.  The Annual Fund matters because these financial resources sustain our legacy of providing Christ-centered education and passing on the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD to the next generation (Psalm 78:4). Tuition Assistance and Student Support programs allow students with academic challenges and families with financial difficulties to join, or remain a part of, the MGCS community.  Here are some stories from a few of t ...

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