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Read advice from our private Christian school teachers. They share with you tips from on focusing to dealing with difficult issues.

Transitional Kindergarten: A Bridge Between Preschool and Kindergarten

The parenting journey is filled with choices that can seem complicated and weighty.  Deciding when to send your child to kindergarten can be tricky. One great option for some students is our Transitional Kindergarten program.   

Is your child a young 5 year old or an older 4 year old?

Did they just miss the cut off for Kindergarten?
Does your child seem a little “young” for their age?

If so, then Transitional Kindergarten at MGCS might be a perfect fit for them.

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Ten Tips For a Terrific Fourth Quarter

Teachers offer tips to survive and thrive during the fourth quarter.

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Twenty Five Years In Preschool

For over 25 years, Pam Noland has invested her days with the students in our preschool.  Even after assuming the role of director in 1996, Pam continued teaching the four year old class that she joyfully teaches today.  After over two decades in the classroom, Mrs. Noland has seen, and heard, almost everything there is to see and hear in a preschool class.  Here are her top 5 “take-aways” from this wealth of experience.

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Our Teachers & Staff Offer Suggestions for Summer Fun

It’s been a great year at MGCS.  Students, teachers, staff, and parents have all worked hard and everyone has earned a rest.  Summer is just around the corner!  Here are some suggestions to maximize these golden summer days.

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Ready For Kindergarten

This is the time of year when our preschool team and preschool parents begin thinking about kindergarten.  As you approach this critical transition, you may run across the term “developmental readiness” and wonder exactly what that means.  Developmental readiness for kindergarten is reached when a child has the capacity to receive instruction at the kindergarten level and the ability to engage in the social, academic and physical activities required for that grade.

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Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

Here’s a chance to get to know our teachers and staff a little bit better! We asked them to share favorite Christmas traditions for celebrating this festive time of year. Jodi Davis - 3rd Grade Teacher On Christmas morning, we all pile into one bed and read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then we listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas CD while opening presents and eating brunch. Julie Ashcraft - Assistant Administrator The Ashcrafts invite our small group and family over for Christmas Caroling. In past years, we caroled for friends with health problems. Last year, we started caroling at Lower Cape Fear Hospice. Ginny Craft – 1st Grade Teacher My husband buys me a dated Christmas ornament every year.  Paula Starling – Kindergarten Teacher On Christmas Eve, we go to church. At the end of the service, we turn out the lights, and form a circle around the sanctuary. Each person holds a lit candle and we all sing “Silent Night.” When my children were little, I used to worry that they would catch s ...

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Great Summer Reading For Parents

You made it!  All tests have been taken and projects completed.  The class parties are over.  You’ve emptied the backpacks and packed the last lunch of the 2013-14 school year.  Congratulations!  We wish you a very happy summer filled with lots of rest and family fun.  Hopefully, you will soon get a chance to put your feet up in a comfy chair, or sit by the pool, or sun yourself on the on the beach.  Our staff offers their top picks for summer reads during those relaxing moments:Barbara Nail 1st Grade teacher:  Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood has light entertaining stories that make you laugh; they make you think about and enjoy your time as a parent. Patricia Burnett, 2nd Grade Assistant:  The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog by James W. Shire is an extremely helpful tool that outlines major worldviews in an easy to understand format.  An interesting read and an essential for your collection! Glenn Pleasant, Head of Lower School: Sycamor ...

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Getting to Know Mrs. Hebert

You know our teachers are fully-qualified, caring educators but isn’t it interesting to know a little bit more about their lives outside of MGCS?  Upper school English Teacher, Tami Hebert, shares her passion for organic farming and animal rescue: "In 2009, we purchased our first home and began our journey to raise chickens and produce our own food.  We started with two Rhode Island Red hens who lived in a dog house.  More followed including a chicken, Chuke (named for an island near Guam where a close friend teaches English at a University), and a rooster named Brutus.  For three years, we’ve grown a variety of vegetables using only natural fertilizer and no pesticides.  Two years ago, my husband, Dana, began rescuing farm animals he found advertised on Craig’s List.  A bunny with a broken ear and an eye infection, an unwanted goose named 'Pilgrim,' and an African goose who was rejected by her flock -  all came to live on our farm. This started a parade, which led to a men ...

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What Our Teachers Want Parents to Know

After being a parent at MGCS for 4 years, I joined the MGCS staff.  Since then, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing what happens after all the other parents leave.  I’m able to “see behind the curtain” a bit and watch our teachers in action.  I wish all MGCS parents could know what I see every day, so I asked the teachers what they want MGCS parents to know.  Here are the top 10 responses: 1.   What an honor it is that parents trust us with their precious children.  We do not take that honor lightly. 2.   How excited we are when a goal is met or a difficult skill is mastered.  Their child’s success matters deeply to us. 3.   That we pray for their child regularly  4.   That when we correct their child, it isn’t because we dislike them or don’t care about them, it is because we DO care about them so much.  We love their child and we want the very best for them 5.   How doing homework enhances their child’s understanding ...

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