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Interdisciplinary Unit Studies...What and Why?

What is a unit study and why do we make them part of the MGCS experience?We believe …All students can learn. They need experiences that build the context for learning. Learning should be meaningful. It should connect to the real world in a real way so that they can make a difference in the sphere of influence they have been given. Learning should empower kids to make positive choices.Learning is collaborative and holistic. Our world functions under the premise of relationship. Often in education we isolate our subjects and our students. Thriving classrooms take time to work together, integrate subject matter, and celebrate successes. For these reasons... We’ve incorporated interdisciplinary unit studies into our K-8 program. These units are designed as extended studies of a broad topic in which teachers collaborate across disciplines. These experiential and holistic learning opportunities help students make connections between subject matter including the arts and sciences. Unit studies c ...

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Manners: An MGCS Tradition

Traditions play an important role in the life of our school.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual events shape the rhythms and stories that build shared memories and a sense of community.  Grandparents Day, the Christmas caroling chapel, morning announcements, casual days, tribe meetings, and so many other occasions make life at MGCS a uniquely warm, nurturing environment where students thrive.  One long standing tradition is our fifth grade manners class.

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Wax Museum: 4 Things You Might Not Know

Fourth graders at MGCS spend over a month studying the Middle Ages then demonstrate what they’ve learned by hosting a Wax Museum for the MGCS community.  This impressive event is a school-wide favorite complete with banners, tissue paper torches, knights, nuns, monks, saints, and kings. But before all the pageantry, students work for weeks to gain priceless experience and develop a surprising range of skills.

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What's New? Notes from Glenn Pleasant

We are always evaluating our curriculum, scheduling, and methodology. We continually look for ways to enhance the depth and breadth of our student’s educational experience.  Here, Glenn Pleasant outlines three exciting changes for the 2017-18 school year.  

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Science Olympiad team shines again this year

Congratulations to both Science Olympiad Teams!  On March 4th  they competed at UNCW at the 2017 Regional Tournament against 40 teams in 5 counties and won 38 medals. Varsity placed 6th overall out the 24 Varsity Teams in the region which qualified for the team to compete at State Competition April 21st and 22nd at NC State. Congratulations to both teams and the following students:

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Science Teachers' Summer Adventure

Upper school science teacher, Angie Pleasant is currently enrolled in the K-12 Environmental Education certification program by the NC State Parks.  The certification requires 200 hours of combined instruction, state park visits, and teaching over the next four years. This summer, Angie and upper school science teacher Julie Thompson, traveled to one of the program workshops put on by UNC Chapel Hill. "At Water's Edge" placed them in the field with research scientists gathering data on marshlands, oyster population and re-nourishment projects, taking core soil samples of the marshlands, and counting populations and density of marsh grasses. They also studied and observed the current shoreline sill initiative in progress up and down the coastline to expand the marshlands.  Needless to say, Angie and Julie returned to MGCS with a lot of ideas!  Here are some excerpts from the journal they kept on their trip.

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Only At MGCS

Every school has its own personality.  At MGCS, we are a small, tight-knit community.  We share joys and shoulder burdens together.  Here are six experiences that only happen at MGCS and make our school unique.  If you attend MGCS you probably…

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Spiritual Formation Program 2015-16

Last year Upper School Teacher, David Kolk, assumed the role of Spiritual Formation Director.  Using the popularity of our multi-grade field day tribes from past years, David assigned students to tribes in September and used these small groups as teaching vehicles during our first school-wide retreat and throughout the year.

This year, David continues expanding Spiritual Formation at MGCS by creating opportunities to teach, develop, and practice Christ-like behavior then weaving these into our daily school life.   He has prepared a year-long program designed to challenge students to use whatever gifts they have received to faithfully serve others.

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The Road Ahead

Today’s college freshman began kindergarten in August of 2001.  Since then, we have endured the terrorist attacks on 9/11, elected our first African American President, and experienced massive technological changes.  We are educating students to prepare for life in a world we can hardly imagine.  How does MGCS take action in the face of uncertainty?  How can we think about this rapidly changing landscape and what are we doing to respond?

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PTF President Reflects on Another Successful Year

This was my first year as PTF President and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Myrtle Grove Christian School is a blessing to me and my family and it is my pleasure to serve alongside such wonderful parent-volunteers.    The MGCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) exists to support and appreciate our teachers and staff.  Toward that end, we host a number of annual events including the Newcomers Picnic, Boo-Hoo Breakfast for preschool parents, and a number of teacher/staff luncheons.  We also plan a teacher/student basketball game, a talent show, and an essay contest for students.  One of our signature programs is Teacher Appreciation Week, a week-long celebration to honor and thank the teachers and staff.  Each August, PTF provides teachers with gift cards to help purchase supplies as they set up their classrooms.  We raise funds to finance these activities and limit our efforts to fundraising programs that produce the most revenue without driving our parents crazy.&nbs ...

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