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Starting preschool or Pre-K in Wilmington is exciting. You'll want to choose an environment that lays the ground work for positive interactions and self development.

Transitional Kindergarten: A Bridge Between Preschool and Kindergarten

The parenting journey is filled with choices that can seem complicated and weighty.  Deciding when to send your child to kindergarten can be tricky. One great option for some students is our Transitional Kindergarten program.   

Is your child a young 5 year old or an older 4 year old?

Did they just miss the cut off for Kindergarten?
Does your child seem a little “young” for their age?

If so, then Transitional Kindergarten at MGCS might be a perfect fit for them.

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Ten Tips For a Terrific Fourth Quarter

Teachers offer tips to survive and thrive during the fourth quarter.

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The Stokleys' Story

For 35 years, Myrtle Grove Christian School has partnered with parents to educate children using a biblical framework for all that is taught.  We are always delighted when those children grow up then return to us and enroll their children.   Jeff and Paige Stokley both attended MGCS back in the 90s .  This fall, they enrolled their daughter, Bayleigh, in our 3 year old preschool class.   Here’s why they chose MGCS Preschool...

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Prepared To Serve

The reason I became a teacher and the kind of teacher I am today can be traced back to my years at MGCS.  My teachers gave me a great professional example to follow: invest personally in a child's success. They also gave me a strong spiritual example to follow by showing me what it looked like to follow Christ.  

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Twenty Five Years In Preschool

For over 25 years, Pam Noland has invested her days with the students in our preschool.  Even after assuming the role of director in 1996, Pam continued teaching the four year old class that she joyfully teaches today.  After over two decades in the classroom, Mrs. Noland has seen, and heard, almost everything there is to see and hear in a preschool class.  Here are her top 5 “take-aways” from this wealth of experience.

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Welcome Mrs. Smith!

She is a Texas native, a grandmother of 2 MGCS students, and a former elementary school principal with 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools.  We are delighted to welcome Barbara Smith to MGCS as our new 4 year old Preschool teacher.  Here, she answers 3 questions:

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Why MGCS? The Kitts Family

Our dear family friends, the Treppels (daughters Arianna, Lilli and Gloria) recommended Myrtle Grove Christian School to us.  In the fall of 2007, we enrolled Collin in the 3 year old preschool class.  Our second son, Parker, followed in the fall of 2010. We knew from that year forward that this was the place that we wanted our children to be.

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A Talk With Mr. Thornton

The kids call him Mr. T. He directs our Athletic Program and serves as the Upper School PE teacher. He also coaches, chaperones dances and field trips, and directs traffic at drop off in the morning. After 18 years at MGCS, he can’t imagine doing anything else.  “I considered a sales job for a while. I even shadowed a guy on a sales route. There was good earning potential and the other employees were great but about halfway through the day, I missed my kids at MGCS.”

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Highlights From The 2014-15 School Year

It’s been another wonderful year at MGCS.  Thank you to all who helped make it possible.  We asked the MGCS staff to share their highlights.  Here is what they said...

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Ready For Kindergarten

This is the time of year when our preschool team and preschool parents begin thinking about kindergarten.  As you approach this critical transition, you may run across the term “developmental readiness” and wonder exactly what that means.  Developmental readiness for kindergarten is reached when a child has the capacity to receive instruction at the kindergarten level and the ability to engage in the social, academic and physical activities required for that grade.

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