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As parents look for a great private Christian kindergarten, they learn about developmental readiness.

Three Take-Aways from Spring 2020

We’ve been reflecting on the final ten weeks of our school year and reviewing feedback from the distance learning survey. Here are three takeaways from this unusual Spring:

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Transitional Kindergarten: A Bridge Between Preschool and Kindergarten

The parenting journey is filled with choices that can seem complicated and weighty.  Deciding when to send your child to kindergarten can be tricky. One great option for some students is our Transitional Kindergarten program.   

Is your child a young 5 year old or an older 4 year old?

Did they just miss the cut off for Kindergarten?
Does your child seem a little “young” for their age?

If so, then Transitional Kindergarten at MGCS might be a perfect fit for them.

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Live What You Learn: Angie's Guiding Principles

Over the summer, as part of our commitment to expand STEM programs and experiential learning opportunities, we constructed a STEM lab and hired Angie Pleasant to serve as STEM coordinator. In this role, Angie works to integrate STEM programming and experiential learning throughout our curriculum. Here, Angie shares three guiding principles behind her passion for experiential learning, STEM programming, and the motto, “Live what you learn”.

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A More Beautiful World

Recently, school librarian Paula Starling shared The book Miss Rumphius by Barbaro Cooney with her K-5 students.  This is a story of woman whose quest to make the world a more beautiful results in her planting lupine seeds in the wild.  Inspired by the tale, students shared what they would do to make the world more beautiful. Enjoy their responses which range from surprisingly specific steps and practical plans to dreams and grand visions.  

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What's New? Notes from Glenn Pleasant

We are always evaluating our curriculum, scheduling, and methodology. We continually look for ways to enhance the depth and breadth of our student’s educational experience.  Here, Glenn Pleasant outlines three exciting changes for the 2017-18 school year.  

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Welcome Anne, Susan, Christie, and Clara

Each year, God faithfully provides exactly what we need.  This year, we welcomed his gift of eight teaching professionals to the MGCS family. Together they bring to MGCS, decades of experience in public and private schools, a passion for education, and a love for animals, the outdoors, ministry, and travel.  We are delighted to introduce four of them in the first of a two-part post.

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MGCS...A Place To Bloom

We love watching students bloom at MGCS.  The students who arrive in August are very different than the ones who leave in June.  The timid preschooler who walks in clinging to a parent’s hand, strides out confidently  after 8th grade ready for high school. 

It is our pleasure and honor to witness these transformations and to play a role in the lives of our students.  Emma Walsh joined MGCS in 2010.  She had recently moved with her family from California, and then endured a difficult semester at another school.

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Highlights From The 2014-15 School Year

It’s been another wonderful year at MGCS.  Thank you to all who helped make it possible.  We asked the MGCS staff to share their highlights.  Here is what they said...

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Ready For Kindergarten

This is the time of year when our preschool team and preschool parents begin thinking about kindergarten.  As you approach this critical transition, you may run across the term “developmental readiness” and wonder exactly what that means.  Developmental readiness for kindergarten is reached when a child has the capacity to receive instruction at the kindergarten level and the ability to engage in the social, academic and physical activities required for that grade.

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Why We Chose MGCS

When my husband and I began to research schools, we were not just making a decision on academics.  We were also concerned with the influences during the course of a day; Was it safe? What would the day look like? What type of environment was best for our children? Would they be cared for? It was important that the school exceed our educational expectations, but we also wanted a safe, caring environment with an emphasis on moral responsibility, respect, and character development. These factors were critical to us and could not be compromised.

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