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Spiritual Formation

Tribes at MGCS

An MGCS education means excellent academics as well as experiences and traditions that are unique to our community.  One of those experiences is belonging to a “Tribe”. At the beginning of each school year, every K-8 student is placed in a tribe group made up of fourteen to sixteen students from all grades. These tribes meet regularly to build connections across grade levels, develop prayer partnerships, practice spiritual disciplines, and take part in various school events as a unit.  These student-led small groups provide a setting for biblical worldview development and reflect and reinforce our biblical worldview statement. Tribes are also an important tool in helping us achieve our expected student outcomes.   Tribes offer unique leadership development experiences and opportunities for our eighth grade students. All eighth graders serve as leaders during annual tribe retreats, the end of year field day and monthly tribe meetings. Those who desire additional leadership respons ...

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The 2019-20 Annual Fund Campaign…Why does it matter?

Because people matter The Annual Fund supports tuition assistance for families who otherwise might not be able to afford an MGCS education.  Tuition assistance can bring new families to MGCS or keep current families as part of our school community.  Because quality matters Since tuition does not fully cover the cost of an MGCS education, Annual Fund money enhances curriculum, expands programs, and supports on going school improvement initiatives.   As Christ-followers, we seek to do all things as unto the Lord.  We pursue excellence for His glory and for our student’s good. Annual Fund money aids this pursuit.  Because truth matters We believe that the Bible describes the world as it really is. Answers to our biggest questions are found in God’s word. This is the worldview we work to instill in our students. The student with a Biblical worldview has a system of thought that is unified, logically consistent, and relevant to every area of life. Annual Fund money helps establish a p ...

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Prepared and Equipped

My experience at MGCS provided a foundation for my identity that would hold up under the weight of reality. The knowledge I gained in Math, Science, English, and History was important in equipping me with the facts I needed to succeed academically and professionally but without an identify to frame the application of those facts, my education would have fallen short of truly equipping me to face realty. 

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The Right Choice: The Diana's MGCS Story

Choosing the right middle school can be a weighty decision.  Grades 6th - 8th are a formative season in the life of a student.  As parents and students navigate these pivotal years, it is our pleasure to serve as a partner in this process and help prepare students for the challenges that await in high school.  Last August, the Diana Family joined MGCS. Here, they share why MGCS is the right choice for their family.

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Alumni Story: Nathan Hackney

At Myrtle Grove Christian School, we work to develop students academically and spiritually. Our goal is that eighth grade graduates are maturing followers of Jesus Christ equipped and inspired to impact the world for the glory of God. We are proud of our alumni whose lives and characters reflect this goal. One MGCS alumnus that serves as an excellent example of this is Nathan Hackney. Nathan graduated from MGCS in June 2018 after completing the preschool, lower, and upper school programs. During sixth grade, Nathan took the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) elective. The ROV elective offers students an opportunity to collaborate in teams as they imagine, design, and engineer submersible robotic vehicles. Our student-led teams build their vehicles to perform specific tasks such as retrieving or moving objects on the floor of a pool.  Then they compete against other teams in the MATE ROV competition each spring. Since MGCS did not have a pool onsite for the students to p ...

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Spiritual Formation: Our End Goal for MGCS Graduates

Our students are challenged to grow not just academically and personally but spiritually, too.  We seek to produce graduates who are maturing followers of Jesus Christ equipped and inspired to impact the world for the glory of God.  Our end goals for each graduate of MGCS is that they will be rooted in faith and learning and able to nourish the world through effective stewardship and service.

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