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Reading on or under level? Looking for age appropriate book reading lists for students k-8? Our teachers share their suggestions to maximize your child's future.

Six Weeks In Second Grade

🎵”Sooooooo happy together!”🎵Can you name the band that sang that tune? It’s not the Beatles and it’s not the Monkees! If you guessed The Turtles from the 70s, well done! This happy tune was the anthem to our first ever unit study in 2nd grade which was all about….turtles! Sea turtles to be exact. Learn more about our 2nd graders' experience with STEM education (which included a field trip to the aquarium!)...

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Transitional Kindergarten: A Bridge Between Preschool and Kindergarten

The parenting journey is filled with choices that can seem complicated and weighty.  Deciding when to send your child to kindergarten can be tricky. One great option for some students is our Transitional Kindergarten program.   

Is your child a young 5 year old or an older 4 year old?

Did they just miss the cut off for Kindergarten?
Does your child seem a little “young” for their age?

If so, then Transitional Kindergarten at MGCS might be a perfect fit for them.

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A Unique Season, Reading Instruction, and Student Support

I’ve been an educator for 20 years and can honestly say that the start of this school year has been the most unusual that I have ever experienced.  It’s probably safe to say that of most of you feel that way too. Our students and teachers, with the support of our families, are managing this unique season with grace and hard work. Beginning a school year can produce all kinds of emotions including excitement, anxiety, fear, and anticipation. Working through these often complex feelings is part of the journey to maturity. Our students have navigated that twice this year, and we are really proud of their diligence in doing it well.

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