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Christian School field trips in and around Wilmington are fun and informative. Help your child develop into a loving and spiritual person at MGCS.

Six Weeks In Second Grade

🎵”Sooooooo happy together!”🎵Can you name the band that sang that tune? It’s not the Beatles and it’s not the Monkees! If you guessed The Turtles from the 70s, well done! This happy tune was the anthem to our first ever unit study in 2nd grade which was all about….turtles! Sea turtles to be exact. Learn more about our 2nd graders' experience with STEM education (which included a field trip to the aquarium!)...

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Destination: Virginia with Melanie Coefield & 8th Grade Field Trips

Melanie Coefield has been a highlight of the 8th grade experience at MGCS for 20 years.  Since 1998 she has worked tirelessly to equip our students with the writing skills required for success in high school and college.  Melanie coordinates the 8th grade trip to Virginia each spring.  Here are her thoughts about this year's trip.

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