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Wonder, Engage, Grow...Outdoor Learning Expands at MGCS

Students need a school where they may experience a sense of wonder, engage in authentic hands-on learning experiences, and grow in their knowledge of our Creator and His creation.  As a result of our partnership with NC State, site visits to other schools, and our own research, we are confident that making outdoor education an integral part of the MGCS experience will help us create this innovative atmosphere for our students.  Toward that end, we introduced an exciting new plan to build a unique facility to serve as the hub of our outdoor education initiative within our 10-acre Outdoor Learning Environment.

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Alumni Story: Nathan Hackney

At Myrtle Grove Christian School, we work to develop students academically and spiritually. Our goal is that eighth grade graduates are maturing followers of Jesus Christ equipped and inspired to impact the world for the glory of God. We are proud of our alumni whose lives and characters reflect this goal. One MGCS alumnus that serves as an excellent example of this is Nathan Hackney. Nathan graduated from MGCS in June 2018 after completing the preschool, lower, and upper school programs. During sixth grade, Nathan took the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) elective. The ROV elective offers students an opportunity to collaborate in teams as they imagine, design, and engineer submersible robotic vehicles. Our student-led teams build their vehicles to perform specific tasks such as retrieving or moving objects on the floor of a pool.  Then they compete against other teams in the MATE ROV competition each spring. Since MGCS did not have a pool onsite for the students to p ...

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Six Weeks In Second Grade

🎵”Sooooooo happy together!”🎵Can you name the band that sang that tune? It’s not the Beatles and it’s not the Monkees! If you guessed The Turtles from the 70s, well done! This happy tune was the anthem to our first ever unit study in 2nd grade which was all about….turtles! Sea turtles to be exact. Learn more about our 2nd graders' experience with STEM education (which included a field trip to the aquarium!)...

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Live What You Learn: Angie's Guiding Principles

Over the summer, as part of our commitment to expand STEM programs and experiential learning opportunities, we constructed a STEM lab and hired Angie Pleasant to serve as STEM coordinator. In this role, Angie works to integrate STEM programming and experiential learning throughout our curriculum. Here, Angie shares three guiding principles behind her passion for experiential learning, STEM programming, and the motto, “Live what you learn”.

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First Place! 3rd - 5th Grade Science Olympiad Winners

As part of our ongoing effort to increase interest in the STEM fields, offer additional academic opportunities for our most curious scholars, and prepare students for the rigors of academic competition, we introduced Science Olympiad into 3rd-5th grades.  This new team turned in a stellar performance by placing first overall against twenty Varsity and JV teams from 12 different elementary schools in Brunswick County and surrounding areas.

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The Library: A World Of Adventures

After teaching Kindergarten for 16 years, Mrs. Starling is embarking on a brand new chapter as the MGCS librarian and she has uncovered a whole world full of adventure there!

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