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Interdisciplinary Unit Studies...What and Why?

What is a unit study and why do we make them part of the MGCS experience?We believe …All students can learn. They need experiences that build the context for learning. Learning should be meaningful. It should connect to the real world in a real way so that they can make a difference in the sphere of influence they have been given. Learning should empower kids to make positive choices.Learning is collaborative and holistic. Our world functions under the premise of relationship. Often in education we isolate our subjects and our students. Thriving classrooms take time to work together, integrate subject matter, and celebrate successes. For these reasons... We’ve incorporated interdisciplinary unit studies into our K-8 program. These units are designed as extended studies of a broad topic in which teachers collaborate across disciplines. These experiential and holistic learning opportunities help students make connections between subject matter including the arts and sciences. Unit studies c ...

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Live What You Learn: Angie's Guiding Principles

Over the summer, as part of our commitment to expand STEM programs and experiential learning opportunities, we constructed a STEM lab and hired Angie Pleasant to serve as STEM coordinator. In this role, Angie works to integrate STEM programming and experiential learning throughout our curriculum. Here, Angie shares three guiding principles behind her passion for experiential learning, STEM programming, and the motto, “Live what you learn”.

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First Place! 3rd - 5th Grade Science Olympiad Winners

As part of our ongoing effort to increase interest in the STEM fields, offer additional academic opportunities for our most curious scholars, and prepare students for the rigors of academic competition, we introduced Science Olympiad into 3rd-5th grades.  This new team turned in a stellar performance by placing first overall against twenty Varsity and JV teams from 12 different elementary schools in Brunswick County and surrounding areas.

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Manners: An MGCS Tradition

Traditions play an important role in the life of our school.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual events shape the rhythms and stories that build shared memories and a sense of community.  Grandparents Day, the Christmas caroling chapel, morning announcements, casual days, tribe meetings, and so many other occasions make life at MGCS a uniquely warm, nurturing environment where students thrive.  One long standing tradition is our fifth grade manners class.

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A More Beautiful World

Recently, school librarian Paula Starling shared The book Miss Rumphius by Barbaro Cooney with her K-5 students.  This is a story of woman whose quest to make the world a more beautiful results in her planting lupine seeds in the wild.  Inspired by the tale, students shared what they would do to make the world more beautiful. Enjoy their responses which range from surprisingly specific steps and practical plans to dreams and grand visions.  

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What's New? Notes from Glenn Pleasant

We are always evaluating our curriculum, scheduling, and methodology. We continually look for ways to enhance the depth and breadth of our student’s educational experience.  Here, Glenn Pleasant outlines three exciting changes for the 2017-18 school year.  

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Only At MGCS

Every school has its own personality.  At MGCS, we are a small, tight-knit community.  We share joys and shoulder burdens together.  Here are six experiences that only happen at MGCS and make our school unique.  If you attend MGCS you probably…

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Highlights From The 2014-15 School Year

It’s been another wonderful year at MGCS.  Thank you to all who helped make it possible.  We asked the MGCS staff to share their highlights.  Here is what they said...

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Manners Matter

A memorable MGCS experience for our students is Manners Matter - the 5th grade manners class.  Starting in January, our 5th graders receive instruction on topics including table manners, guidelines for parties and playdates, relationship and communication skills, and general etiquette.

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