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Outdoor Learning Village Update

Dear MGCS Families and Friends, We’ve just enjoyed a tremendous week of celebrations marking the successes of our students and the graduation of our eighth grade class of 2019. Thank you for allowing us to serve your families! Before everyone heads off into the summer sunsets, we wanted to give you another update on our Outdoor Learning Village.   We are very excited at this opportunity to better serve our families and to expand the spiritual and educational experience for our students in all grades. Here are the latest news and updates on this important project.  

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Six Weeks In Second Grade

🎵”Sooooooo happy together!”🎵Can you name the band that sang that tune? It’s not the Beatles and it’s not the Monkees! If you guessed The Turtles from the 70s, well done! This happy tune was the anthem to our first ever unit study in 2nd grade which was all about….turtles! Sea turtles to be exact. Learn more about our 2nd graders' experience with STEM education (which included a field trip to the aquarium!)...

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Live What You Learn: Angie's Guiding Principles

Over the summer, as part of our commitment to expand STEM programs and experiential learning opportunities, we constructed a STEM lab and hired Angie Pleasant to serve as STEM coordinator. In this role, Angie works to integrate STEM programming and experiential learning throughout our curriculum. Here, Angie shares three guiding principles behind her passion for experiential learning, STEM programming, and the motto, “Live what you learn”.

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First Place! 3rd - 5th Grade Science Olympiad Winners

As part of our ongoing effort to increase interest in the STEM fields, offer additional academic opportunities for our most curious scholars, and prepare students for the rigors of academic competition, we introduced Science Olympiad into 3rd-5th grades.  This new team turned in a stellar performance by placing first overall against twenty Varsity and JV teams from 12 different elementary schools in Brunswick County and surrounding areas.

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Phytoplankton Power!

God has revealed his existence, glory, and divine attributes through creation, and the study of science provides a deeper understanding of that revelation. Throughout our science curriculum, we point students to our creator and His design for the universe.  

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What's New? Notes from Glenn Pleasant

We are always evaluating our curriculum, scheduling, and methodology. We continually look for ways to enhance the depth and breadth of our student’s educational experience.  Here, Glenn Pleasant outlines three exciting changes for the 2017-18 school year.  

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From the Creek to the Sea

Upper school science at MGCS is a bold adventure.  Last month found 6th and 7th grade scientists with damp feet and dirty hands in our school creek, at Fort Fisher and on the Cape Fear River.  Led by the dynamic and brilliant Angie Pleasant, our students didn't just learn about science, they experienced science.  Here is a record of their remarkable field work.

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Science Olympiad team shines again this year

Congratulations to both Science Olympiad Teams!  On March 4th  they competed at UNCW at the 2017 Regional Tournament against 40 teams in 5 counties and won 38 medals. Varsity placed 6th overall out the 24 Varsity Teams in the region which qualified for the team to compete at State Competition April 21st and 22nd at NC State. Congratulations to both teams and the following students:

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Our Mission...Our Passion

Money from the Annual Fund has helped breathe new life into the MGCS curriculum and instruction by blazing new trails into the great outdoors and bringing the world into the classroom with the use of technology.   On any given day you not only find students reading and writing, but you will find students in the garden, woods, and by the creek observing, identifying, quantifying, and collaboratingStudents are not just learning science…they are doing science.  Indoors, you can find them researching, graphing, and preparing presentations using google chrome books

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Science Teachers' Summer Adventure

Upper school science teacher, Angie Pleasant is currently enrolled in the K-12 Environmental Education certification program by the NC State Parks.  The certification requires 200 hours of combined instruction, state park visits, and teaching over the next four years. This summer, Angie and upper school science teacher Julie Thompson, traveled to one of the program workshops put on by UNC Chapel Hill. "At Water's Edge" placed them in the field with research scientists gathering data on marshlands, oyster population and re-nourishment projects, taking core soil samples of the marshlands, and counting populations and density of marsh grasses. They also studied and observed the current shoreline sill initiative in progress up and down the coastline to expand the marshlands.  Needless to say, Angie and Julie returned to MGCS with a lot of ideas!  Here are some excerpts from the journal they kept on their trip.

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