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Why Do We Need An Annual Fund?

Last month at Spring Fling, Scott Powell shared his enthusiasm for our school and for the Annual Fund campaign.  Here is how his family came to attend MGCS and why they support the Annual Fund…

We moved to Wilmington nearly 3 years ago with our children Emily (9) and Jacob (6).   After checking out multiple schools, our realtor and fellow MGCS dad , Chris Spivey suggested we check out Myrtle Grove Christian School.  We toured the school and fell in love with it.   We’ve had a great experience here and can’t imagine sending our kids anywhere else. Once enrolled, I began to notice the Annual Fund “asks”.  Walking into the buildings, I saw a large thermometer recording gifts, I received mailings asking for support and, I attended the Spring Fling fundraiser.  I knew I was already paying tuition every month so I wanted to understand why we needed an Annual Fund.

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Our Mission...Our Passion

Money from the Annual Fund has helped breathe new life into the MGCS curriculum and instruction by blazing new trails into the great outdoors and bringing the world into the classroom with the use of technology.   On any given day you not only find students reading and writing, but you will find students in the garden, woods, and by the creek observing, identifying, quantifying, and collaboratingStudents are not just learning science…they are doing science.  Indoors, you can find them researching, graphing, and preparing presentations using google chrome books

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The Road Ahead

Today’s college freshman began kindergarten in August of 2001.  Since then, we have endured the terrorist attacks on 9/11, elected our first African American President, and experienced massive technological changes.  We are educating students to prepare for life in a world we can hardly imagine.  How does MGCS take action in the face of uncertainty?  How can we think about this rapidly changing landscape and what are we doing to respond?

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Science Olympiad Expands At MGCS

For the last 10 years, Angie Pleasant, middle school science teacher, has headed up the Science Olympiad program at MGCS.  This year, she and 4th grade math and science teacher, Mrs. Sciales, expanded Science Olympiad at MGCS by including a small group of 4th and 5th grade students. Mrs. Sciales and Mrs. Pleasant explained their enthusiasm for expanding this program at MGCS.

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Big Changes In Science, Schedules, And Electives

What 21st century skills do our students need?  How can we increase student engagement in learning? What is the best environment for learning?  Answers to these questions prompted big changes at MGCS this year.

There is value in simply diversifying what students experience since everyone learns differently.  We know that a student’s engagement in learning increases when he perceives the content as meaningful.  Higher education yields higher achievement.  With those considerations in mind, we redesigned our science curriculum, added some block scheduling, and offered a wider variety of middle school electives

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Parenting And Social Media

Like it or not, social media is part of our children’s lives and, given rapid changes in technology, it is usually right at their fingertips.  David Heinrichs, Pastor of Youth and Education at Christ Community Church, visited MGCS for a parent seminar to discuss ways to help children navigate the evolving world of social media. David offered the following thoughts:

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