Special Learning Needs

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team assists students who are struggling academically and require short-term or long-term support outside of the classroom in order to succeed at MGCS. Student difficulties may result from insufficient exposure to essential academic content, lack of familiarity with concepts specific to MGCS curricula, a developmental delay, or a learning disability. Most support will be remedial in nature. Some students may be referred to the Discovery Program for learning therapy.

Educational Therapy

For a limited number of students with learning difficulties, MGCS offers a program of educational therapy, called the Discovery Program. Developed by The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD), the Discovery Program is designed to equip individuals to succeed academically and in life as independent learners. It differs from tutoring in that tutoring typically focuses on content, while Education Therapy builds efficient learning processes.

Students are admitted to the Discovery Program after completing a battery of psycho-educational tests to identify areas of cognitive strengths and patterns of weakness. Students may be referred by teachers and/or parents. The therapy is given twice weekly in intensive, individualized sessions. Communication is maintained between the educational therapist and the classroom teacher, and parental involvement is required. Discovery Program tuition is over and above MGCS’s tuition.

To learn more about Educational Therapy, please visit www.nild.net. For specific concerns about your child, please speak to his/her teacher.